Individual Writing/Publishing Coaching

 If you need assistance with writing and publishing matters, we can help. We provide laser-focused one-on-one coaching as well as group sessions. Maybe you need help outlining your book. Maybe you find yourself battling writer’s block far too often. Maybe you don’t know whether to seek a traditional publisher, an independent publisher or to self-publish. An experienced writing and publishing coach is just the right push you need to get you to the next level.

 Why a coach? Because the coach has experience in the areas you face. He is able to set a gameplan to maximize your strengths and develop your weaknesses. He is able to hold you accountable with specific assignments, goals, objectives and deadlines. Contact us today to schedule your free, initial consultation and let’s get on our way to a win! TEAMWORK!

Sermon-to-Book Program

 One of our most exciting projects helps ministries and churches convert sermon series into books. This aggressive program is another avenue in which we spread the Gospel all over the word in written form, helping to fulfill The Great Commission. In a little as 30 days, we will convert the audio files to text, edit the book, design a front and back cover, design the interior, and have copies available for sale.

 That popular 4-6 week series on love, the power of forgiveness, or the Holy Spirit, will now be in book form and available for conferences and workshops, and shared with the world. We don’t just publish the book; we partner with you to make it a successful project. Contact us for more details or download the .pdf program introduction below.


Author Publishing Program

The Author Publishing Program (APP) is our most complete publishing package that builds on the popular You Have the Write 2 Publish program. We still help you achieve your goal of publishing your book with added enhancements to make the project that much more successful. How? Glad you asked. We’ve added an entirely new, $5,000-value marketing component that includes development of marketing materials, an author website, a book trailer, social media strategies, and much more. In addition to all of that, we will announce your new book to more than 50 media/press sites for an even greater impact. You will also receive 50 author copies of the book to use at your discretion. We’d say this is the best APP on the market!

 So let us help you live your dream as a published author! Contact us today for more details or download the .pdf program introduction below.

Author Publishing

Editing Services

 If you already have a publisher or you plan to self-publish your manuscript and need help getting it edited and ready for print, EX3 Books can help. We offer editing and proofing services for small and large projects, starting at $.012 per word. We work closely with our clients to make sure their voice is not lost in the editing process. Our goal is to help strengthen what’s already there.

 Contact us for special projects.

Electronic Press Kits

 Every writer/author should have an electronic press kit that gives adequate information to help media, potential sponsors, event promoters and the like get to know who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer. We help you compile the information and design a professional looking electronic press kit that you’ll be proud to submit to television stations and radio talk show hosts to show you will be the perfect guest for them. Our team has a combined 60 years of experience in the media as assignment editors, show hosts and guests on various shows. So we know what electronic press kits should look like and include. We got you covered.

Press/Media Plans

 In addition to helping you with a great electronic press kit, EX3 Books can help you develop a throrough press/media campaign to get you the exposure you want and need for your book to be success. We work together to set your goals and objectives and build the campaign around your strengths to target the appropriate media outlets.

 We utilize some best case practices but we also tailor every plan to suit the clients’ specific, individual goals. We incoporate a combination of traditional media and contemporary media efforts for our plans. For example, social media is just as big and as important as being on television so include targeted campaigns for blog reviews, online magazines, and virtual book tours. The possibilities are endless and we can help you put together the perfect plan for you. Contact us for more information.

Marketing and Promotions Plans

 A dedicated marketing and promotions plan is usually an afterthought for a lot of authors. But at EX3 Books, we know how important it is and put the necessary time and energy needed to get your message to the masses. Some writers include a line or two in their press campaign and believe that will be enough. But we break down the differences between the press campaign, marketing strategies and promotions.

 Again, we use best case practices that have been tried and tested. But some of those strategies might not fit every author’s strengths or personality. That’s why we work alonside the author to develop a natural-fitting, individualized marketing and promotions plan with a mix of traditional and contemporary strategies. Some strategies can work in concert with the press campaign for added momentum. For example, one strategy could be to announce on a radio program a one-time promotion for people who respond before the end of the show. We identify various areas of marketing and promotions can create a specific plan that should be followed. If you need this type of laser-focused marketing and promotions plan, contact us today.

Author Branding

 You know most Fortune 500 Companies by their brand. So what makes you unique and stand out among the hundreds of thousands of authors trying to make an impact in an industry that some consider saturated? Our goal in author branding is to answer that question. We pull important aspects out of you and we create a campaign that with the purpose of making sure you reach your potential audience and leave a lasting impact on them.

 Some ways of doing that include: an author logo; a signature image; a catch phrase; or some other unforgettable, senses snatching identifier.  We put your brand on display so you can achieve your goals. We show you how to marry your branding with your press, and marketing and promotions plans. Contact us today to get started with the process.

Write2Publish: You Have the Write 2 Publish

 Introducing a writing program designed to help writers go from idea to completed book.​

You Have a Write to Publish is a 3-month program designed to help new and experienced writers move their work from idea to published. We assist the writer in developing ideas, overcoming writer’s block, design concepts, marketing and promotion development, and much more. The program is geared toward writers who desire a hands-on approach to writing and publishing with expert assistance.

You Have the Write to Publish is a structured system that creates accountability and removes excuses so that writers can achieve their goals. It includes a defined writing schedule, weekly consultations, design assistance, and at the end of the program, a published book in hand.

 For more information, email