Terrelle T. Lewis

Terrelle T. Lewis is an accomplished artist and writer who desires to impact the world with his gifts. Co-host of Serene Motivations radio show on the Survival Radio Christian Network, Terrelle shares his journey to show people that you never have to accept where you are when you dream of something better. He resides in Pittsburgh, PA, with his wife, Johnnette, and their children.

Manic: Through Hell and Back is a story of self-discovery, challenges and triumph. As Terrelle Lewis shares his journey of being diagnosed bi-polar and battling manic depression, he finds his comfort and peace in his faith and a desire to touch the world through his testimony. Written and illustrated by Terrelle himself, this book reveals the struggles of being institutionalized in psychiatric facilities, discovering support in relationships, and ultimately declaring victory by surrendering his life to the will and calling of God.