Sheila B.

Sheila B. is founder of No Longer the Face, an organization that partners with other nonprofits to provide services and resources for women and children who were victims of crimes. Born and raised in Buford, Georgia, Sheila is the daughter of a Southern Baptist minister. After being raped in the military and experiencing domestic violence in subsequent relationships, she made empowering women to take control of their lives her life’s mission. In her spare time, the self-proclaimed ‘craftaholic’ enjoys creating art out of recycled materials and spending time with her children, Justin, 18, and Sheila Nicole, 24.

Willow Silent Cries is the first volume in The Willow Series autobiographical trilogy that follows Sheila through the ebbs and flows of life that include suicidal thoughts, being raped in the military, and stumbling along the way trying to recover and find true happiness. This journey is designed to inspire, encourage and empower those who have or are experiencing difficulties in their lives.