C. Nathaniel Brown is an award-winning writer based in Atlanta, Georgia.  He started writing at an early age and has written for newspapers and magazines across the country; written dozens of screenplays; published three books; and mentors other writers. His latest books are:
The Business of My Book: Make More Money, Reach More People by Understanding the Business of Being a Writer – a blueprint to help writers get the most from their work, including marketing, public relations, and public speaking opportunities.
Making Wings: Short Stories and Poems is a collection of original poetry and short stories.

His earlier books:

I Always Put the Seat Down is a collection of poems.
Devil in the Mirror: Overcoming the Enemy’s Attack is a moving narrative of self-examination and victory.
Xs, Os, and Ws: Inspirational Stories from Successful Basketball Coaches is a collection of 100 basketball coaches speaking on topics such as faith, family, success, teamwork and work ethic.
Devil in the Mirror: Overcoming the Enemy’s Attack is a story of triumph as it shares the first-person account of a journey of self-evaluation while overcoming some of life’s most difficult challenges.
The Hair Commandments: Shalls and Shall Nots of Wigs, Weaves, and Natural Hair, co-authored with LaToya Johnson-Rainey, is an ultimate guide for all things hair.

Coming soon… Men’s Pillar Talk Series.


For more information about C. Nathaniel Brown, visit www.CNathanielBrown.net or email C.Nathaniel.Brown@gmail.com.