P.F. Little

Patrice Faye Little is a survivor of child abuse that continued into her late twenties. Her passionate message of resilience, bringing awareness to emerging adult survivors, is innovative in this mental health movement. With the increasing publicity of domestic violence in entertainment and acclaimed sports, she launched Beyond the Voice® to campaign awareness of inter-generational child abuse and violence. As a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, she enjoys helping patients take interest in their own health. She personally and professionally knows how the restructuring of life after abuse is a work in progress. She enjoys running road races and freestyle dancing with her family on Friday nights. She resides in the Greater Atlanta area with her husband and two children.

 So you survived child abuse but find yourself struggling with milestones of adulthood.  Reflections of a muddled young adult experience transformed to a survivor’s tool, Out of Crazy Born Genius is a practical guide to help you as an emerging adult transcend child abuse. Discover the daily disciplines for 7 principal areas of life needed to assist you with navigating adulthood confidently. This book emphasizes how preparation, reflection, and repetition is essential to reclaiming your life. This is the manual that is written for you by one who has experienced trauma, lived with the residue, and transcended the stigmas successfully. It’s sheer genius!